Saturday 23rd April 2016

Home Sweet Home… It’s great to be back but oh, what a wonderful week we had in Falmouth!  I would highly recommend Harbour’s Reach Apartments and give it a 10/10 rating. If you need a cosy, relaxing break with stunning views, why not check it out. We will definitely return there.  This short video captures the essence of how lovely the apartment was and the atmosphere of Falmouth itself.

As for the week away, I have had a complete week off from everything …. including swimming and healthy eating. I am now definitely ready to get my plan back into action. Heaven knows what the scales will say at Slimming World on Tuesday!  The wonderful thing about SW though is that I know how to fix whatever I might have gained. I have come home feeling excited about getting back into my target weight zone that I worked so hard to reach.  I had also gone on holiday with my swimming kit, with the intention of trying out the local pool, but soon decided I needed the rest more than the need to keep up my swimming pace.  I will be back in the water on Monday, relaxed and raring to go again and I look forward to that too.

Tour detailsWhilst I’ve been away, many of you will know that Donny has announced his UK Tour in January/February 2017.  Because of a difficult internet connection, a special thanks goes out to my friends Tricia and Gillian who very kindly sorted out tickets for the Manchester and Nottingham shows. There are no Yorkshire dates included on the Tour but I am looking into how this might be rectified 😉   The Bring Donny to Donny campaign is about to step up a gear, and whilst this is happening sooner than I expected, it is definitely on my agenda. More news on this as I follow several leads up.

I have an exciting week ahead as I get back to normality, particularly on the fundraising side. I would also like to share news of other children who have benefited from the Hearing Fund UK.  As parents of some of these children have heard about my fundraising efforts, they have been in touch to tell me how important this work is, and this really touches me deeply. It gives me a great sense of purpose and I’m really grateful for their lovely messages.

Finally, I can’t end today without remembering my Dad, Alan F. Ruddick. Today is 23rd April and it would have been his 98th birthday. I think of him and my heart smiles. I pay tribute to the great man he was. He taught me so many things, especially to do the best I can at everything … and that my best is good enough. I always wanted to make him proud because he meant so much to me. I often feel him smiling down on me.  I love that families can be forever. 🙂  Happy birthday Dad xx



  1. We need to get Donny to Newcastle too!
    Well done on getting going again, onwards and upwards to Scotland…..



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