Sunday 17th April 2016


This morning’s Sunrise at Falmouth


Hello from Sunny Cornwall ….. We are in Falmouth and I feel like we’re in paradise! What a beautiful town and area.  I remember coming to Devon and Cornwall with my family once, when I was a little girl. I have two memories of it …. One was going to Teignmouth and thinking how similar it was to Tynemouth, and another was meeting our neighbours from two doors down on the beach! (We had no idea we were also on holiday there!)

I have already checked out the swimming pools here. I know that’s a bit sad, considering I’m supposed to be resting, but even a couple of swims this week will mean I won’t get so far behind. I’m interested to see if the sports centres are as good as those in Doncaster, because to be quite honest, their standards will take some beating. I will report back after I’ve tried one of them out.

I wanted to follow up on a comment I made yesterday morning on my Facebook page, about being the last one out of the pool. When I was about 11 years old, and my Dad used to take us to Stanley Swimming Baths for an early swim each Saturday morning at 8.00am, my brother Peter and I would often race each other to get changed so that we could be the first to swim in the very still water. I often won if I had my costume on underneath my clothes!  I still remember the thrill of cutting through the water as the first swimmer there and how good it felt to be the only one in the pool, even if it lasted for just a minute. So how does this tie in with my Facebook comment? Well, I’ve come to realise that if I go to the pool to swim a mile, and there is some time left in the session (usually 10 or 15 mins), I love to keep on going by swimming a few extra lengths for several reasons: 1. The pool gets quieter towards the end of the session – not so many people to swim around. 2. The few extra unplanned lengths add up to extra miles quite quickly, and finally, the most important one to me…. 3. I simply love swimming and the feeling of being the last one out. It means I couldn’t possibly have gone any further and that I used every chance to swim as far as I could. I’m happy with myself when I make the most of every opportunity. And besides, by being the last one out, I have the pool to myself, even for just a minute!

Finally tonight, I’m so excited to discover some new statistics on the iPad version of this WordPress blog that I hadn’t realised before. Not only does it tell you how many Visitors and Views but also which country they’re from!! I’ve had visits from Australia and Japan, Malaysia and Russia, Canada and the Faukland Islands (amongst several others). This is incredible to me.  I think I’ll have to set up a Visitors Page and see how many people will sign it. That would be amazing.

Thank you to everyone who is showing interest in these pages. I really really do appreciate it.

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