Friday 15th April 2016

Thank Crunchie, it’s Friday 🙂 I think I have only managed about 8 hours sleep in the past 48 hours!  I make cakes in my ‘spare’ time and what with my swimming and a daily Bible study class I teach (it’s called Early morning Seminary and it’s for the youth of my church), plus trying to get ready for our little holiday in Cornwall, I’m ready to sleep for a week!!

DSCF5737I thought I would share one of my little creations.  It took me hours and hours.  My problem is I’m a perfectionist in anything creative, and as my old college friends will testify, I can be verrrry slow at what I do. (I was always the last to finish anything!)  However, I was very happy with my little fisherman.  It’s the first model I’ve made of any kind that looks anything like what it’s meant to be 🙂 This does not mean I do novelty cakes now though!! I just feel very thankful that I can enjoy time ‘playing’ and that people seem to like what I do. (A note to Dennis Barsby…. I hope you noticed that the fishing rod no longer looks like it’s up his nose haha)

Despite how tired I was, and how important it was to meet my cake deadline, I made it to the pool at lunch time.  I find it quite interesting that when I started my swim my legs felt like lead, yet after about 20 lengths I found new energy that made me feel excited about what I was doing.  This was Mile 169 and the reality of how far I have come made me smile, and smile some more.  I felt a a real sense of purpose and determination to keep going, even though it had seemed I was too tired to swim when I started.  My older sister used to say ‘Often thinking about something difficult is much harder than actually doing it.’  As you can tell I have a very wise sister. I have a brother and a sister, and we often remember things our parents used to say to us.

On the fundraising scene. I have had contact from a lady who Chairs the Deaf School in Doncaster.  Apparently, according to Andrew Isaacs at Sine FM, there are only two Deaf Schools in the UK of this size and Doncaster is one of them.  She has invited me to go along to meet her when I get back from holiday.  Everyone who speaks of her says she is a wonderful lady, so I really  do look forward to meeting her.

I have also been invited to speak at our Church’s Public Affairs Meeting in June.  It’s mainly to report my fundraising experiences and share the plans about the rest of the Challenge.   They rather like this Donny to Donny idea and we are going to see how feasible it would be to bring him to our home town when he visits next year on his UK Tour.


On a final note, I managed to get 3rd row centre tickets to see the Osmonds in Newcastle on 30th December today.  I am going with my friends Carol, Kathleen and Ann and her husband to see the Andy Williams Christmas Extravaganza. It will be great to go back to the Newcastle City Hall again, and also home to see my family. I love Newcastle!


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