Thursday 14th April 2016

A completely non stop day … I didn’t have lunch till 4:00pm, and even then it was on my feet! Why?  Just a one word answer…. cakes.  I keep forgetting how long handmade creations take and then end up working into the night to make sure an order is met.  I really did need to take a break though, and so I popped down to Armthorpe Leisure Centre for a quick mile swim.  Actually it ended up being a mile plus 20 lengths but that’s OK because I’m a day behind after missing out Monday’s swim whilst I was at Radio Sheffield.

A quiet day on the fundraising… I am waiting for several people to get back to me now, and I need to be patient.  Not everyone has the same agenda as I do, nor the sense of urgency to get on with things but that’s OK. (At least that’s what I keep telling myself! 😀 )

I did have an interesting email asking if I would like to give an after dinner speech! Imagine that! Haha! They would like me to speak about my swimming challenge and modern methods of fundraising in general. What an interesting opportunity. More on that once the date is confirmed.

Osmond pictures 001

With Donny Osmond        14 April 1980     Newcastle- upon-Tyne

I cannot end today without mentioning that 14th April is a very special date…. 36 years ago it was the day the Osmonds finally came to Newcastle for the first time (in 1980).  That day will be etched on my memory forever 🙂 I know there are several dear friends of mine remembering it today as well. Such happy memories.


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