Monday 11th April 2016

Well it was an interesting experience being interviewed for BBC Radio Sheffield today.  I was surprised to be asked so much about the Church I belong to.  I love being a Mormon, and my faith is a very precious and personal thing to me.  I hope what I shared, without being given any time to prepare, came across OK. There is so much more I would have liked to have said about my 250 mile swim challenge and the Hearing Fund, but didn’t get the chance. Ah well… it was a huge learning curve for me.  I still look forward to my time on Sine FM on Wednesday at 10:00am. This is available for 29 days from today.

* * * * *

DSCF5726As promised I would like to share a few things about a very impressive young boy who is deaf.  Matthew is 10 years old and has been given an opportunity to learn to play a violin with individual music tuition, with support from the Hearing Fund UK. Some of the exciting Projects Matthew has been involved in can be found on the Hearing Fund website.


Matthew’s Mum helped me appreciate how little her son can hear by asking me to place one finger right into my right ear.  Then with the left ear, place a finger from my left hand mostly inside.  You should try it and see for yourself.  It makes you realise what a remarkable achievement it is, that Matthew is able to play his violin so well, when he can hear so little.


As we spent some time with Matthew on Saturday evening, I couldn’t help but be impressed by his quiet confidence. I asked him if he would like to play a piece which I could share on this Blog, and he was very happy to do so.  He is currently working on his Grade 3 exam and I am quite certain he will pass this with flying colours. I wanted to share the recording of the music he played for us, but unfortunately I have just learned that my free WordPress Blog doesn’t support videos.  I might just have to change that!  In the meantime, please see the link on the Hearing Fund Facebook page.


Matthew with his Mum and Justin Osmond

Well done Matthew…. you are a great credit to your family, to the Hearing Fund UK  and to all who support and teach you.  I look forward to watching you increase in confidence and ability. Having seen what you can do,  gives me an even greater sense of purpose to raise money for the Hearing Fund so thank you for sharing your talent with me. x


  1. I thought you did a great interview and took the opportunities you were given to explain more about The Hearing Fund UK. It’s a shame the radio presenter didn’t show more interest in the amazing work it does for deaf children. Keep up the good work Linda. You are an inspiration to us all!



  2. Well done Linda, what a handsome little chap Mathew is, and what a wonderful ability he has shown learning the violin, just think of your effort raising so much money and knowing that it will be used for other amazing projects like this, you should feel very proud of yourself. Xx



  3. An amazing 10 year old, with great talent, your radio interview was inspiring & getting a good message out there for the church, pity he didn’t ask more about the Hearing Fund Charity work you are doing. It was very well presented though. Well done again Linda



  4. Fabulous to see how the money you are trying so hard to raise will be put to good use and help children like Mathew achieve their potential despite their disability.Thank you for sharing your recent experiences with us and your foray into show business! It cant have been easy being interviewed when you want to talk about the main topic – The work the hearing fund is doing and your endevour to raise £2500 by your marathon swim when the radio presenter has a different agenda! I’ve not had chance to listen to your interview yet but I can guarantee that being the gracious lady you are,you will have conducted your part in an honest, dignified way,allowing the listener to discover more themselves about the charity and hopefully boosting the fundraising! Well done Linda, you are truly inspirational. xx



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