Friday 8th April 2016

Yes!!!!! Thank you to every single person who has been so generous in donating money to the Hearing Fund UK.  I set a mini target to reach the £1,500 mark by this weekend so I could share that with Merrill and Justin tomorrow, and I just went over that amount tonight!!! (Thank you Shaun!)

I have had a great day today in that I swam my 166th mile at lunch time and this means I have reached exactly 2/3rds of the way. This equates to 10,564 lengths of the pool.  It means I have 5,436 lengths to go (84.94 miles). I can manage this if I keep swimming 5 miles a week. I’m still very much on target. 🙂

12969283_10154833657128228_1183806780_nI also received my first two t-shirts which were kindly funded by DCLT to promote what I’m doing. Photos to be shared tomorrow. (They are amazing quality) In the meantime I simply must mention the company who printed them. It’s the HoodieHut in Bower’s Fold, Doncaster, also known as Torso. 12969422_10154833657293228_37014807_nTheir efficient and friendly service was to be commended and I especially want to mention Naomi, who served me today. I’m sure Naomi won’t mind me mentioning that she was sure she had seen my story on either Look North news or Calendar recently!  If anyone else has seen this on our local news, I’d love to know because I missed it. It would also help Naomi know that she’s not been dreaming!! 😀

Seriously, if anyone needs any t-shirts printing in Doncaster, I can highly recommend this company.

Whilst I have had these t-shirts made to wear when we do our store ‘bag pack’ to raise more funds, I have got some more exciting ideas to raise money with them! I will be able to tell you more after talking to Merrill and Justin 🙂

I hope you will come back to see what happens next.


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