Sunday 3rd April 2016

I know I’ve been quiet for a few days, but it’s because I’m trying to prioritise and fit everything in 😀 Occasionally I realise what a massive commitment swimming 250 miles is and feel somewhat under pressure.  I was hoping to do more than my average this week but in the end I just managed the usual 5 miles, mainly because I am having a few problems with my shoulder.  I feel better after my swim, so the exercise is doing some good. However I am trying to swim slower so I don’t aggravate the problem. So far, so good.

Buckingham PalaceI know I perhaps shouldn’t keep referring to how far I would be on the map if I travelled South (rather than northwards to Edinburgh), but so as not to cause confusion, this will be the last reference Southwards.  The reason being is that my 161 miles now would have me outside Buckingham Palace haha. What a milestone! (Waves to her beloved Queen in a virtual sense and wants to shout ‘It’s for the Hearing Fund Ma’am’ as she goes past the Palace! 😀 😀 ) (I want to add a memory here: I once did the public tour of the royal residence.  They give you ear pieces with a recorded guide as you pass certain parts inside the Queen’s home.  As you enter there is some very royal sounding orchestral music playing as you make your way up some very grand stairs.  I was suddenly overcome with the reality of where I was and I couldn’t help but stuck my chest out, with chin held high like I was a real Princess and walked up those stairs like I owned the place! haha)

Back to the real world though and to my ‘real’ direction northwards. 161 miles equates to having just passed Alnwick. This means I have 89 miles left to swim, (5,592 lengths of the pool to be exact.)  I am beginning to wonder what I will do when I reach my goal in August.  There have been some fun comments about my only option is to swim back home again, but we shall see! I may swim, run, walk and cycle back for some variation but I’m still thinking this one through. (Please note that I don’t run or cycle AT ALL but I’m still up for a challenge!)

I’ve had another couple of articles published over the past couple of days…. one in my area Church newsletter, and another in our local monthly Arrow magazine.  Welcome to any new Blog visitors from these publications … I really do appreciate your interest and support.

April Arrow magazine

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