Wednesday 30th March 2016

Another article today… this time on my Church’s national newsroom page. 🙂 Welcome to any new visitors!  I am grateful for any support given, and if anyone is wondering how they might make a donation to The Hearing Fund UK, my Just Giving page is found at:

I am currently trying to raise £347 by Friday 15th April so any help to achieve this would be wonderful. Thank you 🙂

The article is at  The unusual pose is where I’m standing in front of the Angel of the North last month, indicating I had reached my half way mark of 125 miles.


This morning’s swim was interesting! I had 42 minutes to swim 64 lengths. This is just about possible if the pool is quiet and I have lots of energy. However, with my average mile taking anything between 45 and 55 minutes, I really didn’t know if I would manage more than 55 lengths when I first got in the water. I’m really not sure what happened, but for some reason I felt my ten length warm up was easier than usual. I decided to go for it!  I don’t know what the other swimmers thought I was doing racing up and down as fast as I could, but one or two smiled at me 😀  I managed to swim my 64th length just as the Lifeguard was getting off his chair, indicating that the pool was about to close! Phew… I’d made it!





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