Friday 25th March 2016

Another mile completed this morning, taking me to just over 156 miles.:)  If I was travelling south, tomorrow I will ‘arrive’ at Abbey Road Studios in London! Northwards, which is my usual direction, I will soon be approaching the beautiful Northumberland town of Alnwick.

Today, Good Friday, I have taken some quiet time to reflect on the true meaning of Easter and how much my faith has had an influence on my life.  I am working on an ‘About me’ page which touches a little on what I believe. My purpose for this isn’t to stand on a soap box to preach. It is simply to share a little more about who I am and what is important to me.

Tonight, I have discovered a promotional video about Justin Osmond, a man I am privileged to call my friend. It is Justin who inspired me to swim 250 miles. It means more than I can find words to say, that he would want be there when I swim my final mile in August. What an honour!



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