Wednesday 23rd March 2016

What an interesting couple of days.  After a much needed rest at the weekend, I am back on form.  Since Monday I have swam three times, all at 2000m each time, so my current total swim as of today is 154 miles.This means I just passed Swarland and Newton on the Moor, Northumberland; places close to where my sister lives!

Rebecca Adlington

Rebecca Adlington who  appeared at YWP yesterday

The publicity for my challenge is picking up a gear, although I was kicking myself yesterday.  My daughter Michelle sent me a Doncaster Free Press link which showed how the famous Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington had been to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park that morning to open a new giant otter reserve!  This is less than a mile from where I live! On a quiet day, if the wind is blowing in the right direction, we can hear the lions roar at feeding time!!

If only I had known she was there.  Do you think this has detered me though? Nope! I have been in touch with YWP and they have emailed her agent! I would LOVE Rebecca to endorse my swim challenge, and perhaps she might like to come and Swim a Mile 🙂  If you don’t ask (nicely), you don’t get!  We shall see….

Sine FMAlso I have an interview lined up for Sine FM. Details to be confirmed.  Andddd…. Doncaster Rovers FC have been approached for support on my behalf! Really exciting times.

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