Saturday 19th March 2016

150 miles

I have been experiencing tiredness on a new level today.  I knew I had to swim 70 lengths to reach my 150th mile this morning, and I needed to be up by 7:00am to achieve this. There was definitely a thought of ‘Come on Linda, you can do this!’ going through my mind and fortunately I listened to myself. I was stood waiting at the locked Pool gates, ready to swim, waiting for the Lifeguard to come and let the keen and eager swimmers in to the water for the 7:45 start.  I can’t say I was keen, or eager … I was just pretending to be! The plan was to take it nice and steady. Usually in the medium fast lane I can swim fast enough to  complete a mile (64 lengths) in 45 minutes; 50 minutes if the pace is slower. The prospect of going for 70 lengths in 60 minutes was do-able at a steady pace, just as long as I didn’t stop.

So, off I went in the lane swim, trying to swim a little slower than usual, knowing how tired I felt. But something interesting happened.  The more I swam, the more my body woke up and my mind became more alert!

As I swam I tried to decide what I had done differently this week to make me more tired than usual.  I knew the answer immediately.  Sleep…. or lack of. Not only have my days been busier than usual, but I haven’t been getting more than 5 or 6 hours a sleep a night because my days have been so full.  This reminded me of a video I had seen of Chloe Madeley and how getting enough sleep can make a huge difference to your day. I thought it was interesting enough to share.


My daily routine changes during the school holiday so I am giving myself a gift over the next two weeks… a promise of at least 7 hours sleep each night. In the video, Chloe increases her sleep time to 9 hours, and maybe I might try that, but realistically I have too many things to do to be asleep for that long!

I did manage the 70 lengths this morning…. and I kept on going till the whistle blew at the end of the hour long session, finishing at 86 lengths! Ironically, this was faster for me than usual.

There is a PS to this post…. I came home and had breakfast and fell asleep for 2 hours !! 🙂  As I recall the thoughts I’d had when I woke this morning, I could have decided to have the two hours’ lie in and not swim today. But then I would have been disappointed in myself. Instead of feeling disappointed, I’m really excited to be at 150 miles (plus the quarter mile…. let’s not forget the quarter!) and I’m one happy swimmer 🙂



  1. Will power is a very strong emotion and you have oddles of it, try to follow your own advice and get some extra rest.



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