Tuesday 15th March 2016

Well it’s been an amazing day. After 100 lengths in the pool at lunch time I have had a massive need to sneak in a nap…. but no time for that when there is so much going on!! Bedtime will come soon enough. Zzzzzzz  :0)

I was able to write an article for my village magazine today. It’s a glossy publication and something I look forward to having come through my door each month.  I am trying to generate some interest in my challenge with local residents, schools and businesses on this side of Doncaster.  It’s a brief summary of my 250 mile swim and how I’m trying to raise as much as I can for The Hearing Fund UK.  The Editor has kindly suggested that she will publish updates of my swimming distance and total amount raised each month till August.

The current totals look like this:

My mileage is now at  146.5     Total from the JustGiving page and cash

This afternoon was rather challenging when I finally made contact with various local supermarkets and their Community Fundraising leaders.  It seems I was extremely lucky to have Tesco Extra allow me to have a bag packing team come into the store over two days at the end of May.  Every store today said that I must apply through their Head Office.  This will not deter me, even though there is a good chance I may not be as successful going through this process. I have just 4 months to take every opportunity to raise as much as possible.  I even wondered if I could get Donny to endorse what I’m trying to do, and tell the people of Doncaster that if I can get £5,000 in the pot, we will bring Donny to Donny!!! hahaha (Hey, you might hear me laughing but ‘many a true word is spoken in jest’ 😀 😀 ) (Maybe I should make that £10,000 !!! haha 😉 )

Tonight I have been buzzing….. Firstly I met a lovely lady at Slimming World who was there with her daughter.  When she learned of my swimming challenge, and how excited I am to be involved in such a big project, her response was music to my ears.  It turns out she helps run a private swimming school in town, and she suggested that perhaps they could organise something to support me in my fundraising. After all the brick walls I kept running into this afternoon with the supermarkets, I could have hugged her!  There is hardly a day goes by without someone offering some encouragement in some way.

Finally, it has been officially announced tonight that the Osmond family (primarily the Merrill Osmond family at the moment), will be holding a Music Fireside at my Church in Sheffield!!!!!  It is a free event and will be held when the family come for their Annual Gala in August.  With permission from my Church leaders, I sent an invitation for them to come, and they accepted!  I will explain more about what a Fireside is soon, with more details of the event.  Right now though, I am so so thankful that they accepted the offer  and I will have the great honour of helping organise this event. I cannot begin to describe how important this is to me.

Today has had its ups and downs, but it has ended well. It seems that whatever I feel impressed to ask for, if it’s right, then the answer is YES! And sometimes I don’t even have to ask…. sometimes there are kind people who simply want to offer help!! To everyone who keeps me moving forward, especially when I’m tired, (including Justin who sent me a lovely email yesterday) ……  THANK YOU!


One Comment

  1. You are doing an amazing thing to raise money for your charity, you still have almost six months to go, you will raise your target and a lot more, so many people are behind you and cheering you on, take care of your self the physical effort must be testing at times but you are looking so fit you will be waving over to Whitton very soon almost at the Scottish border WOW go girl. Xx



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