Thursday 10th March 2016

One You

On Monday morning I woke up to the sound of our clock radio tuned into BBC Radio 4 Today programme. I became much more alert when I heard the news item about how Public Health England has just launched a ‘One You’ Campaign. It said that ‘living healthily in midlife can double your chances of being healthy at 70 and beyond.

I was very excited to hear this because of the changes I’ve made in the past 21 months. This morning I followed this up online to check further information given in the programme and I found the One You link which gives more details.

It’s a very interesting read. I noticed in the article that the Campaign has new public and commercial partnerships with BBC Get Inspired and Slimming World, amongst others. Wonderful!  Everyone knows how much I love Slimming World 🙂  I decided to check out the BBC Get Inspired page, and again, found this to be really interesting, especially on the Swimming page.


bbc one logoNow you know with me, how one thing leads to another, and I realised that if the BBC are supporting this Campaign, then perhaps something like The One Show might be interested in what I’m doing, because it’s a very current topic.  As I have been invited to meet with the ‘powers that be’ in DCLT next week to discuss plans of how to make my ideas a reality, then perhaps the BBC would like to follow this incentive too.

I believe in miracles, so you never know …. 😉 I have contacted them this morning so we shall see.

One Show logo


I’m back in the pool tonight where I will swim my 145th mile.  As for the fundraising, my current total is £1,104, which is wonderful.  However, this means that I still need to raise   £146 to be at my half way goal of £1,250 by next Tuesday 15th March . I set this short term goal because I like challenges, and great things happen when we aim high 🙂 Please come back on Tuesday and see if I managed to do it.  I am very optimistic about reaching this target by then.









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