Monday 7th March 2016

After a long and very useful chat to our Church Public Affairs Director, Jeremy Kay, many exciting opportunities are now in the pipeline! The more I  speak to people about my challenge, the more doors are opening to make exciting things possible.  It makes me smile and feel good when others understand how important this is to me, and want to help in some way.

I only managed 56 lengths of the pool today (instead of the usual 64+) Was it because I was tired?? Oh no no no! It was because folks wanted to tell me they had seen my story in this week’s Doncaster Free Press and wanted to know how they could they find out more!  They had noticed me for a long time, but now that I’m wearing my cap, they wanted to help by making a donation!  I even gave a few swimming improvement tips to several ladies, and they wanted to try swimming with my Speedo gloves on to see if it made them any faster!  I was Speedo gloveshappy to oblige, but it did make me laugh when I thought I could perhaps hire my gloves out and add it to my fundraising total 😀   Still, to the lovely ladies at Armthorpe lunch time swim today, if you managed to get my card from Reception when you left, welcome to my Blog 🙂  I know a few of you are thinking about buying your own gloves.

Here is the link:

They are a bit more expensive than I thought at £12.32 for medium, but if you swim a lot, I think it’s a worthwhile purchase.

Aqua gloves


I explained which areas of the body the gloves work on, and I found this diagram on the Speedo website.






Something else that made me smile today is a question I was asked by Jeremy, about where I would be now if I had swam South, rather than North. Look at this!

Auckley to the South map


I am almost at 143 miles today because of the extra lengths I did on Saturday, which I have carried over into this week’s total.  If I was travelling South, I would be Welham Green, North London by now!!  I tried to see if my 250 mile total distance would get me to Brighton on the south coast, but it’s further than that. I would run out of land and end up in the Channel haha 😀 How funny is that?! 😀



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