Sunday 6th March 2016

141 miles map

Current distance covered: 141 miles


My Geordie friend Pat, realised that I am now at Morpeth, Northumberland at 141 miles into my journey.  This is indicated by the blue line on the map. (Ignore the red line as it is an ‘as the crow flies’ distance, which is shorter. I use the freemaptools site which shows the most accurate distance between two points.)  Edinburgh doesn’t look that far from here but by following the coastal route, it shows the remaining 109 miles.  I find it incredible to think that by next week, the total miles left to swim will be down to double figures! Now that’s EXCITING! 🙂





Fundraising update:

JustGiving: £1019

Cash:  £50

Current total: £1069

Amount to raise to get to the half way point of £1,250: £181

Personal challenge: To raise £181 by 15th March 😉 … every time I seem to set a target like this, people are so amazingly kind! I will keep you updated xx


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