Saturday 5th March 2016

DSCF5702.JPGTo add a little incentive to my fundraising, a friend of mine suggested I should raffle one of my chocolate cakes to raise more for The Hearing Fund UK. This will be baked fresh for the lucky winner once it has been drawn on the 31st March. If you are interested, please message me or email me on

Please note that this is for those who are local to Doncaster because I would ask for it to be collected 🙂  Thanks for your support everyone xx

Current swim total as of today: 141 miles

Miles left to swim by 6th August: 109 miles  (Slightly ahead of target 🙂 )


** Please note that I have decided that any cash donations kindly given to me will now not be put through my JustGiving page. JustGiving take a percentage of monies raised and so it would be much more sensible to acknowledge cash separately.  I am in the process of finding a way to show the total raised on here, so watch this space.

Current JustGiving total: £1019

Current cash total: £10

Total raised so far: £1029


Next fundraising target £1,250


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