Friday 4th March 2016

Swim capA couple of new highlights today. I received my new swimming cap and was quite excited about wearing that for the first time.  However, in my excitement, I packed my swimming kit ready for my lunch time swim, only to have that awful thought come over me as I’m pulling into the Leisure Centre car park, about whether I had actually put my swimming costume into my bag.  Having a new swimming cap is great, but if you haven’t got anything to wear with it, it’s not so good! haha  Fortunately I live about a 12 minute drive from the Pool, so off I went back home to get my missing piece of kit.

This reminds me of a story of when I was about 9 years old.  We were very fortunate to have a swimming pool at Barley Mow  Junior School in Birtley. The sad thing is I was so terrified of water as a child, I hated my swimming lessons with a passion, and so I did not see anything fortunate about having the pool nearby at all!!  I remember coming up with a variety of excuses why I couldn’t swim each week.  At one particular lesson, I remember realising in the changing room, that I hadn’t packed my swimming costume…. I had managed to pick up my brother’s trunks which were the same colour. At first I was relieved, because yet again, I had a reason for not being able to swim that week. Imagine my horror when the swimming teacher insisted I wear my brother’s trunks for the lesson!!! I was mortified!  You would think it would have scarred me for life haha  It’s a little ironic that I went on to become a swimming teacher myself, but I vowed I’d always treat my children with much greater respect than I had been shown on that occasion.

Doncaster Free Press 3 March

Our weekly Doncaster Free Press – published 3rd March ’16

Another article was published in the weekly Doncaster Free Press yesterday, which I only learned about today.  It appears to be exactly the same one that was in the Doncaster Star last week, but that’s OK 🙂  The Free Press captures a larger audience. It says my mileage is at 125 miles, where actually, after tomorrow morning’s swim I will be at 141 miles. It wasn’t an easy mile to swim today, because I lost valuable water time needing to go back home, but I was able to swim faster than usual and completed the mile just in time.



    1. I just passed Morpeth yesterday morning Pat! This is where I pause on my day off till tomorrow’s swim 🙂 I feel the reality of the distance each time I check where I am up to on the map! Thanks for your interest and ongoing support xx



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