Sunday 28th February 2016


When I began my swim in August, I first thought I would probably aim to raise £500 for The Hearing Fund UK because I wondered if doing a sponsored swim would be an inspiring enough thing to do.  Little did I realise the effect and response I would get from people, even from those I don’t know.  I hesitated to start my Just Giving page initially because I needed to make sure that swimming 250 miles was do-able.  I would hate to start something I couldn’t finish. After talking to several people, it was suggested that £500 wasn’t high enough to aim for and I was told that if I was doing such a big thing, why not aim big with my fundraising target!  Even setting the target at £2,500 seems low to some, but to me it’s a huge amount to hope for.

I really cannot explain how it feels that after just 5 weeks since my JustGiving page was made live to the public, that the fundraising total has now gone over the £1,000 mark!! I honestly couldn’t see, even just a few days ago, how this could be possible. (My target was to reach this point by the end of the month… tomorrow!) Thank you so so much to every single person who has given what they have.  The deaf children and their families who will benefit from this money will be extremely grateful.  I just feel so humbled by how many people have given so much support already.

Anyone who knows me will expect me to know where I am going next (I am very target driven! ) It would seem obvious that the next milestone will be half way … £1,250.  I have an opportunity tomorrow to meet someone who may be able to help me raise lots more. Watch this space!

Thank you again …… I’m still in awe of the fact that this has been possible. xx

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