Saturday 27th February 2016

After swimming six miles in four swims this week, I have been rather tired today.  It was a planned break from the pool though.  As many of you know, I make cakes. It meant an early start in the kitchen at 7am to bake several samples.

Cake samples

A day off from the pool … a morning in my kitchen instead

This afternoon I had a visit from a special friend who happened to be my Mum’s nurse who looked after her in hospital close to the end of her life. She is very special to me. Her step daughter is getting married and she would like me to make the wedding cake.  I decided to make the mini cakes so she could decide which flavours she preferred. I made way too much cake but received a very generous donation for The Hearing Fund from another lovely friend who was happy to buy the spare box I advertised 🙂

The current fundraising total tonight stands at £861.  I wonder if I will make it to £1,000 by Monday. I continue to be overwhelmed by people’s generosity so anything is possible.  I am mindful of the fact that not everyone feels they want to, or can, make a donation though, and when I ask if you’d like to, I hope I don’t make you feel obliged to.  It’s just me being excited and enthusiastic about what I’m doing, but realise that not everyone shares the same passion. 🙂

Distance-wise on the map from Doncaster to Edinburgh, I am now passing one of my ‘bestest ever’ friends in Cramlington…. (waves to Carol in a virtual kind of way! lol)

Progress report:

Now at 136 miles …. 217,800 metres …. 8,712 lengths of the pool …. 54.5% of the way

Still to go:

114 miles …. 182,200 metres …. 7,822 lengths …. 115 swim days left.





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