Friday 26th February 2016

After my entry yesterday about my hair, I had a chat with a friend today who remembers what my hair used to be like when I was young, when I training 6 times a week in the pool. Hair picture I decided to dig out a picture from that time to share.  I think if the picture had been in colour, it would have had a green tinge to it!!  Thankfully the chemicals they use in the water these days aren’t quite so harsh.  But back then, even after showering, I’m sure it smelled like we were wearing Eau de Chlorine on a permanent basis!

This is the longest hairstyle I ever remember having it.  I have never had much choice of Rachelstyles…. short, short or shorter!!

At this point I want to recognise the BEST  hairdresser I have ever had…. the one and only Rachel Jones.  She has looked after me for years and I wouldn’t dare be brave enough to have anyone else take care of it.  If anyone would like to have the best mobile hairdresser in the whole of Doncaster, please get in touch and I will happily pass on her details.


Seeing as it’s a day to get out the old photos I might as well get a couple of others out of the way.  As you can see, nothing much changes!! lol The blonde curls have been there from the beginning.

Doll picture.jpg

I used to cry when my Mum or sister used to brush my hair.  This is my ‘doll’ picture because I think I look like I’m made of plastic hahaBlue Peter badge









And finally, I shared this Blue Peter badge picture on Facebook today, and was amazed at how many Likes it got.  I was so proud to get that Blue Peter badge and it’s rather a shame it got lost over the years. I think I sent in some art work or something. Not that I’ve ever been any good at drawing! (I got missed with that gene in my family.) Another memory of this is the letter that came with the badge. It was personally signed by Biddy Baxter and I remember feeling in awe of how beautiful her handwriting was.



Anyway, time to put the albums away. An update on my distance: 136 miles this week (6 miles in 4 swims…..zzz!), and the current Fundraising total stands at £841 !!

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