Thursday 25th February 2016


Newcastle Sunday Sun 21st Feb


My sister posted me a page from the Sunday Sun which is part of the Newcastle newspaper group today. It’s amazing how word gets around 🙂 I heard a very interesting discussion on Radio 4 the other day where a journalist was explaining how the newspaper industry has changed over the years, and especially how social media plays such a prominent part when sharing the news now.  He said the online news was rather like seeing a live show, whereas the paper edition is like getting a CD of it 😀  I thought that was a rather clever way to describe it.


On the swimming front it’s been a Busy (with a capital B) day today. On Thursday nights I help out with the adult swimming lessons at Armthorpe when I can.  I had 82 lengths to swim because I need a morning off from the pool on Saturday morning.  I arrived at the pool during a lane swim about 40 minutes before the class was due to start and swam 52 lengths (1300m).  Then I helped with the class, and continued with my swim afterwards, managing another 80 (2000m) This totals just over 2 miles (actual total 134 lengths), so I’m really pleased with that. I’m now aiming to swim 1.5 miles tomorrow which will mean I will have completed six for this week, all being well.

As you can imagine, the chlorine plays havoc with my hair. I have been thinking for a while that I should wear a swimming cap.  I thought it might be a good advert for the Hearing Fund to have one specially made and it might help folks in the pool to understand why I never seem to stop, and why I seem to live in the water!!  Finally I found a wonderful company which had been recommended by Chester le Street ASC when I had a swim in my Woodchesterhome town recently. They are Woodchester Sports Group (also known as and they couldn’t have been more helpful. Most companies won’t entertain the idea of making less than 25 caps for an order, so having just one made specially was a big ask. DCLT have very kindly offered to fund the cap for me and I should be the proud owner of my new piece of kit some time next week!

Finally … Total Fundraising so far today: £831 !! 🙂 🙂 🙂

For those who are visiting my Blog for the first time, and you would like to make a donation, my JustGiving page can be found at: THANK YOU!!

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