Wednesday 24th February 2016

I didn’t realise that the Doncaster Free Press are part of a newspaper group in South Yorkshire. This only came to my attention when, on my Facebook newsfeed today, the article which was printed in the Star yesterday appeared as something published by the Sheffield Gazette!  I also hear that it is likely to be included in the Epworth Bells newspaper and the South Yorkshire Times.

24 Feb total

I am currently at 132.5 miles as of yesterday Tues 23 Feb 🙂

Tonight, I also discovered that my fundraising on my JustGiving page has gone over the £800 mark!!! One third of the way there!  Thank you SO much to everyone who has contributed in some way. This is incredible.  I would so love to get to the £1,000 mark by Monday, but I realise this is a big ask.  If you know anyone at all who may be willing to give support, I would be so grateful if you could spread the word in the next few days. Work colleagues, your boss, school, neighbours, friends, in fact anyone you can think of 🙂  I am using every spare hour between swims to generate interest, and I’d be so grateful for any help you can give me with this. THANK YOU!!


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