Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Another encouraging day. However, it didn’t quite start that way.  I had one of those mornings when I almost persuaded myself to have a day off from the pool.  I was tired, and busy with other things, and I really wanted to get on with my plan about how to fundraise the £237 before next Monday to reach my £1,000 mark.  But I gave myself a good talking to, and decided that some things are best put on hold whilst I just get on with another mile swim, so I can record at least another 5 mile gain by the end of the week.  I’m so glad I did.  By the end of another busy lunch time session at Armthorpe, I clocked up 74 lengths, adding an extra 250m to the mile I had planned, and felt so much better for it.

I got home to a message to take a look at the Doncaster Star web page.  It was there I found this on the headline page:

Doncaster Star

I love the headline! The Osmond family have inspired me in many more ways than just my swim, over the years, but it was good to read their name and Doncaster in the same sentence! 🙂

The link for the full article is:


The actual Doncaster Star newspaper print version is over a double page and I appreciate each part which has been covered.  I particularly appreciate the details given about The Hearing Fund UK, the charity I am raising money for. Darren Burke, the Chief Reporter, has done a stirling job. Thank you Darren!

Star newspaper

PS. An amazing coincidence happened this afternoon as I ordered my two copies of the Doncaster Star from Asda.  I can’t share any more about this just yet, but watch this space 😀 😀

PPS. I have had exactly ONE THOUSAND views to my Blog since I started this 16 days ago!!!! Thank you everyone for your interest and support! Incredible! xx


    1. You’re right Pat. I need to be very strict with myself to take every opportunity I can to swim, or else I won’t reach my 250 miles in the time I have set. Every day we have choices to make, and we will only feel good if we choose the right things, based on what we know and feel at the time. xx



  1. You are amazing. The only time I lecture myself is when I want that second mixed berry tart and even then, I eat it! Hugs xox



    1. Haha Jean …. hey everyone, let me introduce you to my ‘Internet Mum’ in Australia… she has seen the worst of me and the best of me and never been far away, despite the miles. Love you Jean! xx



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