Monday 22nd February 2016

Rock Choir LogoI try and get a good balance between family, friends, Church, cake making, swimming/exercise, Slimming World and more recently I have added a weekly group that I am just loving…. the Rock Choir!!  Every Monday night we meet at Bessacarr, and tonight we had a great time learning a new song ‘You get what you give’ (A special wave to my new friends Annette and Jane 😀 )  I’m loving the chance to sing my little heart out!  I’m no Adel, but I can pretty much sing in tune. And it’s not just singing… oh no!  We have warm ups that come close to what I’d call a work out. So much fun!! And very therapeutic, especially after a busy day. Kate, our choir leader, is amazing.

On the subject of music, (which is completely off the subject of swimming lengths and fundraising for once), I am going to share with you two very different but local talented acts in the next few days. I know these young lads personally, and whilst their music genres are completely different, I wanted to give them a bit of Blog space whilst my pages are being visited as much as they are 🙂 More to come ….

And finally tonight, a quote.  You will know if you are a visitor to my Facebook page, that I love sharing various words of wisdom that impress me…

Smarter than you think






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