Sunday 21st February 2016

I am excited!  In the past 24 hours my page has been visited by a record number of people. The total times viewed since I began this two weeks ago is 923 !! I find this amazing. I want to thank you for your interest. It’s quite different to Facebook where people readily make comments in response to posts written, so from time to time I’ve wondered if I’m talking to myself haha Still, I will carry on because it seems I may be doing something right, if I’m having as many return visits and the statistics for my page are really high.

So, what was I talking about yesterday when I said I have set a new fundraising target to reach by the end of February? Well this is it:

The current fundraising total is £763.  I find this incredible considering it has been raised in the past three weeks or so. People have been SO generous! A special thank you to all who have given so far.

My challenge is this:  I would like to try and get to the £1,000 mark by the end of the month – Monday 29th February.  This means I have just nine days to find £237!  Please can you help? Or know someone who can? Could you possibly share this link on your Facebook page? I am so so grateful for any support you can give.

In order that you can see the total increasing, I will make sure that the amount raised is included in my daily Blog.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I have been asked several times if I am part of a group swimming the total of 250 miles. The answer is nope, it’s just little old me 🙂 Any support would be so much appreciated.


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