Saturday 20th February 2106

Angel picture

It’s been a great day for sharing what I am trying to do in the newspapers.  I had an email from the Doncaster Free Press saying there will be a double page spread about my challenge in the Doncaster Star on Tuesday, and that there could be a similar amount of publicity in next week’s Free Press on Thursday!

Then, the Evening Chronicle wrote to let me know that the Speedo costume pictures with the article about last week’s visit to the Angel have appeared in tonight’s edition.  All I can say is I felt as cold as I look haha (It was only 2 degrees C, not accounting for the wind chill factor!).  However, the hug from Joanne was lovely 🙂 🙂   It was an unforgettable day.

Angel and Joanne Milne

With the lovely Joanne Milne … brrrr! lol

I have set a new fundraising target to reach by the end of February.  With only one week to achieve it, I will share more details tomorrow.

Had a great swim this morning to finish my swimming week off. My map now looks like this….





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