Friday 19th February 2016

Another crazy day in the pool … a special hello to any of the people I swam past, round, through and under.  I’m sorry but I really didn’t mean to bump into you like that!! Everyone kept saying sorry today … Armthorpe folk are so polite! 🙂 And the pool was almost full.

Having completed my 129th mile today means that not only have I swam through my home city of Newcastle at lunch time, but tomorrow I will pass my actual place of birth!!

125-130 miles

This week’s swim has taken me from the Angel of the North to the Town Moor, Newcastle


I was born on the longest day of the year at Princess Mary’s Maternity Hospital, right over from where the annual ‘Hoppings’ were being held on the Town Moor. Apparently I arrived at 3.10am on a June morning, in the middle of a thunderstorm! The Princess Mary Maternity Hospital is no longer there. I believe a block of flats now stands in it’s place but please correct me if I’m wrong.




Tyne Bridge

Anyway, I realise that during my swim this week, that I failed to acknowledge passing over the Tyne Bridge.  That makes me rather sad because I love that bridge.  Travelling past Newcastle on the A1 now means you don’t get to see the bridge at all, but sometimes I make a point of going that way just so I can feel like I really have come home.  I am not alone in feeling a little emotional each time I see it (isn’t that right, Tricia?!)  I get the same feeling standing on Northumberland Street and listening for the newspaper guys shouting ‘Chronicle’ in their loudest Geordie accent!  

I recently visited Newcastle to see the Osmond brothers perform at the City Hall just before Christmas. It was an Andy Williams Christmas Special and it was a great show. My friend Carol and I decided to take a look near the Stage Door before it started, just for old time’s sake, and who should appear but Jay and his wife Karen!  Another special thing about that night is that we had front row seats.  What was incredible was that they were the exact same seats we had in April 1980 when the Osmonds first came to Newcastle!!! It really did feel like we had stepped back in time. However, there was a slight sense of sadness that whilst we loved seeing Merrill, Jay and Jimmy perform, that 35 years ago, we had also had Alan, Wayne, Donny and Marie there with us too.

I really do love my home city of Newcastle upon Tyne, and all of the special memories about the place that will forever be with me. I just ‘luv gannen yem!’ (Translation: I really do like it when I can go home! lol)


      1. Whoo hoo!! I worked it out. Molly will be so impressed with her Mama


        On 21 February 2016 at 22:17, Linda Carlo wrote:

        > Linda Carlo commented: “I’ll let you know when I’m there Carol 🙂 xx” >


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