Thursday 18th February 2016

I would be very interested to see if you are able to make comments on my Blog. Or if there is a page that you enjoyed reading, that you might press Like.  It’s a bit of an experiment really.  The viewing statistics aren’t particularly straight forward at my end so if anyone reading this could Like or Comment, I’d be very grateful.  Is there anything that you would especially enjoy reading on here?  I just bought a WordPress for Dummies book on ebay for £2.50 with free postage (bargain!), so you may find that I start to play about with this 🙂

Anyway, on the subject of statistics, I thought you might be interested how I keep track of how many lengths/miles I swim. One mile equals 64 lengths of the 25m pool and as long as I swim at least one mile a day, five times a week, I will stay on target.

Basically I count my lengths in my head, but that can be a bit tricky when there are distractions.  Like today for example, I have never seen so many people in Armthorpe pool for a lunch time session for as long as I can remember!! I’m SO glad people are using the pool, but I felt like I swam much more than a mile with all the weaving in and out I did!

Still, my Speedo Shine watch, which is 100% accurate, confirmed on my phone that I had done the right amount today.  I take this number and distance and add it to my Speedo Fit app on my iPad.(If anyone wanted to check that I have swam the distance I say I have done, this confirms the exact total.)  Apparently my Shine app should be able to sync with my Speedo Fit app, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet, so if there is anyone out there who knows, please enlighten me 🙂 Instead, I add the lengths manually.

The last step of keeping track is my husband designed a very clever spreadsheet which would calculate how many swimming days I have left in my challenge, and how far I need to swim on each of those days to stay on target.  After today’s swim it looks like this:



I’m two lengths short of swimming 200 lengths so far this week so I will add those on to tomorrow’s mile just to round off the numbers.  This will make a total of 264 for Friday, and as you can see my Average lengths target per week is 323.16, so on Saturday morning I’ll swim 60+ lengths to make sure I complete at least 324 by the end of the week. Are you still with me?!? Haha

It might all sound very complicated but actually it’s very simple 🙂  I will post an update sheet from time to time, so you can see how the numbers change the nearer I get to the end.



  1. Hi Linda just read your blog couldn’t make head nor tail of your statistics but then again my head is full of cotton wool at the moment instead of brains lol, but you are doing well and are an inspiration to a lot of people xx



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