Wednesday 17th February 2016

Business cards

My fundraising cards are on their way

Well it’s time to thank Vistaprint today.  As many of you know, I am very much a perfectionist.  Rather than make handmade cards to give to people with my Blog and JustGiving links, I decided that having Vistaprint make them for me would make them look a lot more professional. (I checked with Tracey at HF that I could use the Hearing Fund logo).  Anyway, in setting up my design I couldn’t centre everything as exactly as I would like.  When I called the free phone Help number this morning, a young girl there corrected everything within 30 seconds.  When I asked if there was a possibility I could be charged less because it was obviously for a charity, she said ‘Yes Madam, I will put those through for you.’  I didn’t realise what she meant till I checked my order online, only to find that there is no charge at all for them, not even for delivery!! How kind.

CaptureI have had a similar experience with Speedo when it comes to customer care.  I bought a new swimming costume online in September.  It is the most comfortable swimwear I have ever had and perfect for the  amount of time I spend in the water.  However, I noticed a month ago that the fabric was thinning in several places, which was surprising, considering I had been meticulous about rinsing it in cold water after each swim, and using the warmth of the airing cupboard to dry it out.  I felt I had looked after it with great care.  When I contacted Speedo Customer Services, Michelle could not have been more helpful.  She understood my need to have a replacement urgently, considering I swim almost every day and she sent me a new one on Next Day delivery at no charge.  On returning my thinning one, a refund was arranged immediately. I must admit, I love the quality of everything I use from Speedo…. my costume, goggles, aqua gloves, and also a new swimming cap. And then of course there’s my Speedo Misfit Shine.  It has been suggested that I ought to contact their Public Relations Office and let them know I’m a walking/blogging/swimming Speedo advert!!  🙂

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