Tuesday 16th February 2016


Me with my Slimming World consultant, Sue Denton, where we meet under the wings of the Vulcan Bomber each week


I love Tuesdays!  Tuesday is my Slimming World night and our group is led by the awesome Sue Denton!!! We really are privileged to meet with her where we do. Our venue is in Hangar 3 at Doncaster Airport under the wings of the iconic Vulcan Bomber no less! How incredible is that?!  If anyone locally would like to join us, please come along. If you need Sue’s details, please contact me for those.  We have new members joining us each week, and we really are a friendly group.  I started SW on my own, and I soon realised I had no need to be worried about walking through the doors by myself, even though it can seem like a really scary thing to do. I’ve never looked back.:)




I was back in the pool at lunch time today for just over another mile swim … 127 miles done. Still feeling tired after swimming for seven days straight last week but as there are no lunch time swims on Wednesdays, I’ll be fine after another break tomorrow. In my efforts to look after my health, I have come to an important conclusion.  We need to look after ourselves physically in four ways.

  1. By eating healthy food.
  2. By drinking plenty of water.
  3. By getting enough exercise.
  4. By having enough sleep.

If we fail on any of these four areas, it can affect our health in many ways.

The area I seem to have the most problem with recently is sleep. I seem to get my best ideas late in the evening and want to start formulating them, but I can be up at 6am raring to go!  My Misfit Speedo Shine is an interesting gadget. It not only counts my lengths accurately in the pool, but it also logs when I sleep at night, and how deep my sleep is! I find it fascinating. I don’t really need a watch to tell me if I have had enough sleep though. My body and brain function can tell me that!

Anyway, today’s update: it has been another great day.  I had a quick email from Justin Osmond telling me I’m a Super HEAR-O …. how cool is that?! 🙂  He’s my hero! 🙂  I sent him the copy of the online article which the Doncaster Free Press included today. The link can be found at:


The article may be published in the weekly paper version on Thursday but it will depend on whether the Editor wants it to be included.

A couple of other new events for fundraising are in the pipeline from today. I find it amazing that everyone I speak to about helping me is caught up in my enthusiasm to raise as much as I can for the Hearing Fund. I’m loving it! My problem is remembering who I have told what to!! I am terrible for repeating myself, so apologies if I share the same things twice!! A sign of increasing age, I guess!

If you are new to my Blog today because you used the Link in the Free Press to find this, welcome to my Page 🙂 I am getting more followers each day, and if you press the Follow button you’ll receive an email each time I post something new.





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