Monday 15th February 2016


I know this should say 126 miles but the map is updated by my nephew James every Saturday. My swim is now taking me through Gateshead, towards Newcastle, the city where I was born.

Finally a day off from the Pool… I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted today but the rest has done me good. I swam 9 miles in 7 days over this past week and it was definitely time to take a breather. You would think that the more I swim, the more weight I would lose. Actually a note for my Slimming World friends: it’s what we eat and drink that helps us lose the pounds. The exercise helps us to tone up and change shape. However, last Tuesday at my Slimming World weigh in, I was 2lb over my Target range so I’ve tried harder to be more careful with my food this week.  The thing about eating healthily with SW is that you never need to feel hungry. As I try and keep my weight steady, rather than lose much more, it has been an interesting challenge.  I would love to hear from other fellow Target Members about how you manage to maintain your weight.  All I know is that eating healthily is not a diet at all. It’s simply eating sensibly, with plenty of water to drink. I have shared the free Water Your Body app with my group many times. It asks you to put your weight in and it calculates how much water your body needs each day to stay healthy. As you tell it how much you are drinking it keeps track of where you should be throughout the day.  If you get behind, your phone gurgles as a reminder you need to drink some more! It’s brilliant. As a kidney patient, I am so much more aware of the importance of staying hydrated.

Today I have also had time to browse online about things relating to The Hearing Fund UK, the charity/trust I am fundraising for. (By the way my current total is £723!!! The generosity of people astounds me, including from those I have never met before.) This morning I came across a link from the BBC News archive that shows Joanne Milne meeting Merrill and Justin Osmond, and how her life has been touched in so many ways now that she can hear.  One part of the recording made me smile. Joanne said how much she valued being able to hear her own voice and accent. As I posed for my picture with her on Saturday, I was quite amazed that she has a Geordie accent!! I told her I loved the sound of it.  I am very proud to be a Geordie and people in Yorkshire have no doubt where I’m from, even though I left the area over 30 years ago. But to hear Joanne’s voice made me smile. I felt I had come home. It seems we have a lot in common…. including an accent to be proud of.

PS. No article in the Evening Chronicle yet. It seems my swimming costume pictures are in demand haha. Maybe more tomorrow.


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