Sunday 14th February 2016

This weekend has been amazing.  After we attended Church at the Gateshead Ward and met many of my old friends there who I had not seen for about 30 years, we stopped by at the Angel of the North, which is less than a mile away, for one last chance to take pictures.


My lovely husband says ‘Spot the real angel’ Awwww!!


The day after, still freezing cold but feeling a lot more comfortable fully clothed


Front Street, Chester le Street

After a quick lunch, it was time to head to my home town of Chester le Street where I had a very important visit to make. It had just been snowing, but fortunately it hadn’t laid.  How I love this place! I am sometimes asked whether I would like to live there again. If circumstances allowed, I would return in a heartbeat. However, right now I am where I need to be and I love Doncaster for different reasons.

The purpose for my visit today was because I had been invited by the committee of the Chester le Street Amateur Swimming Club to go swim a mile with them. What a privilege! Normally Sundays are my rest days, but I felt I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to begin the second leg of my challenge with these young people who obviously had the same passion for the sport as I have had since I was their age.  I was so very impressed by the Coaches, for their commitment and their vision for these kids.  The Club have had many hugely successful swimmers and it truly felt an honour to swim a mile with them today.


A small part of the team at Chester le Street ASC

What better way to swim my 126th mile than in Chester le Street water! They have a fabulous pool to train in and I would recommend anyone in the area to check Chester le Street Leisure Centre out. The Club have very kindly offered to raise money at their Gala to add to my Hearing Fund UK total and I plan to return in the next few months when they have this event.

Thank you for your wonderful warm welcome everyone! (And yes Ben, 125 miles is 8,000 lengths! 🙂 )




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