Friday 12th February 2016

I have been totally overwhelmed by the support I have received today. As many of you know, it was suggested that if I could raise £500 then I would consider wearing my Speedo Costume for my Evening Chronicle photo with Jo Milne tomorrow at the Angel of the North!! I thought I might get away with it, until over the last hour, it looks like with £27 to go, that I need to pack my kit!! I am just so in awe of how generous people are and if it means getting very cold for a few minutes, then let it be so 🙂 The forecast is 4C and light rain at 1pm. Make that ‘cold and wet’!! lol

Today I have had further contact with Chester le Street Amateur Swimming Club … they are starting to make me feel like a local celebrity … haha… imagine that!  They wrote a beautifully written piece about my challenge on their Facebook page tonight. I am going to drop into their training session on Sunday afternoon at my home town pool.  They would like to support my fundraising efforts at their Gala in April, and that means so much to me.  More details and photos of the lovely Chester le Street team on here when I get back home on Sunday night.

I have also been approached by the Doncaster Armthorpe Swimming Club who train at the pool where I am completing my 250 miles. They would like to support me by having a swimming event too, which would also really boost my total amount raised ! More details to come soon.

I need to give a special mention to my 9 year old grandson Elijah. In preparation for my 125th mile swim first thing in the morning, he and I went down to Armthorpe pool where I had been given permission to set up for a photo which will be taken before I begin my 64 length swim.  We have laid swimming floats on the pool side saying ‘125 miles’ and the picture will be shared with Doncaster Free Press. As the pool was due to close for the night, it was thanks to Elijah sorting out the colours of the floats, that we managed to finish it in time. I will post the picture tomorrow.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to swim Mile 125 in the morning. I am so looking forward to meeting Joanne, and I will have my family waiting for me to arrive at the Angel too.

Happy times 🙂

NB. I understand there is a Follow button on my Blog (which I can’t see because I have the editing version).  If you would like updates by email to see how things progress, the number of followers show on my dashboard. (If anyone has any trouble with this, please let me know.) I would love you to share my journey with me.




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