Thursday 11th February 2016

Justin Osmond

Well someone special really made my day today.  The one and only Justin Osmond kindly sent me a personal email of support, telling me he was cheering me on in spirit. How nice is that?!  I smiled all the way through my 123rd mile today!

As I said yesterday, I ‘swam through’ my home town of Chester-le-Street.  I happened to mention this on the Chester-le-Street Then and Now Facebook page and this morning I was contacted by the Coach of the CLS Swimming Club asking me if I would like to swim with them this weekend whilst I am in the area! Sadly it’s a little late to organise it as a fundraising event, but they are offering support if I would like to go back and swim with them again. How generous it that?!

As I approach the second half of the 250 miles,  I am working on a ‘Swim a Mile with Me’ project to help boost the fundraising total but more about that soon. I am really excited about it!!

I am also excited that tonight, the current total raised is over £300. I wonder if I could stand with a bucket in the middle of Newcastle city centre on Saturday afternoon and collect some more. Hmm now there’s an idea. Note to self: contact Newcastle City Council tomorrow and ask for permission 🙂 🙂


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