Wednesday 10th February 2016

Today I was able to swim Mile 122, an important one for me.  On the map my 76 lengths took me through my home town of Chester le Street where I lived till I got married in 1980. I felt like I had ‘come home’ today and it felt good.

I have such lovely memories of ‘Chester’ as we used to call it.  I know times have changed it but it used to have a thriving market on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  In those days, it was a 10 minute bus ride from my home in Lombard Drive, North Lodge; a journey I would often make.  I thought I had pictures of the High Street to post but it seems they have been stored on a hard drive somewhere. It will be easier to take some new pictures when we ‘go home’ on Saturday.


If you head up north on the A1 you will see it sign posted north of Durham.

Chester le Street map



If you ever want a fabulous pub meal, I would highly recommend the Lambton Arms there.  As kids, our parents used to take us as a family sometimes and it was always considered a special treat. A few months ago we went there for lunch and we were really impressed by how well it has been looked after, keeping much of its old charm intact.

Since my Mum passed away in 2009, we haven’t had as much reason to visit Chester le Street as we did.  However my family still live in the North East and we love to visit when we can.



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