Tuesday 9th February 2016

Oh wow, another exciting day.  Hannah from the Newcastle Evening Chronicle interviewed me on the phone today. She is arranging a photographer to come on Saturday and take a picture in front of the Angel of the North, with the lovely Jo Milne.  However, (and I can’t believe I actually agreed to do this), but…. if I can raise £500 between now and Friday night, I will be posing in my Speedo costume for the picture!!!  Do you folks know how COLD it is up North in the middle of February??? Hahaha

I put this to my friends in the Auckley Slimming World groups tonight and they were almost throwing money at me!!!!!  It was so funny… but very touching at the same time.  The total cash given to me was a whopping £118 which I will add to my JustGiving page tomorrow. How incredibly generous! Thank you sooo much!

If you would like to help raise this £500 before I get to my half way mark, then please go to

Lots happening tomorrow. I have just calculated that I am only 300m (10 lengths) from my home town of Chester le Street so I am ahead of schedule! This will be an emotional mile for me…. but more about that tomorrow.

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