Sunday 7th February 2016

Well after a crash course in setting up a Blog site, here we go!  I really hope you will enjoy reading this and feel free to make comments.  You will see the five static pages listed to the left, and this page will be an ongoing Blog of my thoughts along the way. Please let me know what you think.

My current swim distance is 118 miles. This means I am now heading from Durham up to Chester le Street, Co Durham, my home town (if you take the driving route up the A1.) I’ll get there by Thursday this week and this is exciting to me. I’ll write more about my memories about living in Chester le Street when I ‘arrive’.

By next Saturday (13th Feb), I am planning to be at 125 miles which is exactly half way.  This means I’ll need more time in the pool this week to achieve this, but as it’s half term for us, this should be easier than usual. We will be celebrating the half way mark next weekend with a visit up North …. more details to follow about this. 🙂

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